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    3 Nov 2007
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    Hi Guys

    When I started this hobby people said it wouldn't take long before you want to upgrade.... thought they where joking....

    Currently have a Juwel tank that i'm happy with, but like I said it's time to upgrade, the problem is that i've had white spot in my tank before and I don't want to just move everything across and bring it too. What would be the best way forth, my Juwel is 180L with 12 fish, about 20kg LR and 2pc of coral, my new tank will be about +- 450L + sump.

    What I thought was the best plan of action was to :

    1.Move all my substrate, LR and corals to the new tank and let it cycle and at the same time killing the white spot (as there would be no host fish).

    2. Tread my fish in the existing tank for the same period and them transferring them.

    Q: 1.Would my stocked tank maintain without any substrate and no live rock? (It has 2x internal filters). 2. When ready could I just transfer the fish to the new tank along with the 1 removable filter for bacteria?

    Any advise will be gr8

    Sorry for the "novel":wave2:
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    4 May 2007
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    This has to be done fairly carefully making sure you have enough bacteria in each tank to sustain the fish at all times, when moving the fish over i would do one or two at a time waiting a week ar so and then the next 2 giving the filtration time to catch up each time.
  4. Hill


    8 May 2007
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    A difficult one. As when you remove your LS and LR you will be removing most of your filtration. Your fish left in the old tank will take strain. I would rather cycle the new tank with new sand and LR. Just a little as you will need extra anyway.

    Then move everything over one go or preferably gradually as Alan suggested.

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