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    LiveAquaria released a video recently on their new tank bred clarion angelfish swimming happily and healthily in one of their SPS tanks. Beautiful and groundbreaking as the captive bred clarion angel may be, it vies for attention in this tank with some equally special fish. Take a closer look at the video and see what else you can find sharing the same tank.[​IMG]

    The beautiful captive bred clarion shares its home with a few very rare wrasse and angelfish. The huge tuna like wrasse commanding the tank is a beautiful representation of a male Paracheilinus piscilineatus. A gorgeous and rare flasher wrasse from Mauritius. That has seriously got to be one of the biggest flashers we’ve seen and boy it looks amazing! Other notable wrasses include a huge Cirrhilabrus roseafascia that makes its brief appearance at the bottom of the tank, a beautiful C. earlei and an equally big and gorgeous Paracheilinus octotaenia.

    Two superstar dwarf angelfishes swim alongside the captive bred clarion. Not one, but two juvenile interrupta angelfish. One of them has an extraordinary amount of blue that from the video, it looks nearly identical to a Centropyge debelius! What an amazing fish collection, and with the captive bred clarion angel, a sight only LiveAquaria can pull off.
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