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    Hi all so i have decided to try uploading some pics of my setup,i have done a ftew changes and would like to share them,firstly i built a new stand/cabinet,then i put in two new sides on my DT and a overflow in the center of my back glass,i also put divisions into my sump and replaced its base, i made my own light/hood but will be getting my new decent one in the week this was from a while ago so im glad to be getting the right thing, i am making my own reactors and will share pics when i get started with them,i kept all my water from my tank and moved my fish and open brain to a holding tank for a week while i was busy with the renovations,i did the leak test and it was good to go so i was happy that i managed to get the sealing right the first try when replacing the sides of my DT and base of my sump,i finished my stand and then put the tank on and the sump in the bottom,i did the rest of the piping and was ready to go,the water filled up and i saw my centre brace ontop fall into the water,that was bad as the water level was 3/4 full already,so i drained it until the glass was not "bending" in the middle i had removed it to get my piping in the overflow sorted,and glued it again once that was done,in one of the pics you will see a red strap between the front and back panels (i thought it would work but i was very very wrong),so i had to think about it and make a plan quick,i had by now stopped the filling and started the draining,i found some squar wood beams and cut slots in them the exact width of the tank and thickness of the glass,i put one on each side of the brace and re-did the silicone i then stopped draining and resumed filling,it was working i will upload some pics now and you can see how it looks, its been up and running for two weeks now and the fish are very happy,my tests show a small ammount of nitrates,nitrites and some phosphates but nothing un managable so im happy.

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