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8 May 2007
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Dropoff tanks are a cool twist to the standard rectangle or cube and the new Artfully Acrylic Reef Crest series is begging you to take the plunge.

The Reef Crest series rimless are all-in-one drop off aquariums allowing you to incorporate multiple zones of the reef in one unique display for a unique looking aquarium. Like the company’s other AIO series, each model is customizable with a black, blue, or red finish. Plus you can add optional pieces on to is such as a rear drawer/ATO chamber and a clear mesh lid.

The Reef Crest series comes in three sizes — a 9 gallon pico version, a 17 gallon version and a 35 gallon version. The 9 gallon pico measures in at 10 in x 18 in x 15 in and the middle 17 gallon tank is 12 in x 24 in x 18 in, both come with a variable speed 317 GPH return pump. The larger tank measures in at 18 in x 30 in x 20 in. All aquariums are made to sit on any flat surface, no special stand needed.

The company is planning on going into full production on January 1 and are offering all hobbyists an exclusive pre-order sale price during the month of December — $269.99 for the pico, $359.99 for the midsize and $584.99 for the larger 35 gallon version.

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