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8 May 2007
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We recently got our hand on the new Cubic Aquarium jellyfish tank and ever since have been obsessed with these jelly bellied little creatures. Growing up, the Vancouver Aquarium was one of my favorite weekend spots, I spent hours at the Aquarium and even volunteered there when I was older.

Anytime you have a hankering to see some jellies you can log into the live jelly cam here, and if you have the opportunity to visit, the Vancouver Aquarium also has several Jellyfish exhibits including a spotted jelly display a moon jelly display and the popular sea nettle jellyfish display in the aquarium entrance. If you are passing through, The Vancouver Aquarium even has a beautiful jelly display you wont want to miss in the Vancouver International Airport.

Spotted Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium

Jellyfish are still a rather uncommon in the home aquarium. Companies like Cubic and Jellyfish art are focusing on creating jelly specific tanks for the home however there is still little information available regarding the husbandry of Jellyfish.We have come across a few AZA guidelines and account of keeping jellyfish but until this date the care for jellyfish in the home aquarium is poorly documented.

Two week ago we started keeping a Cubic Orbit 20 tank with one blue blubber jellyfish. After researching the topic we started feeding our Jelly baby brine shrimp and the cubic medusa jellyfish food. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our attempt in keeping jellies and wonder what could be learned from the Vancouver Aquarium Jellyfish program.

There are several factors which could have lead to the failure of our first jellyfish aquarium however we are determined to learn more and report back with our finding so more people can be successful in the husbandry of jellyfish in their home aquarium. [Vancouver Aquarium]
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