TaahirS 3ft mixed reef

10 Jul 2014
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Cape Town (southern suburbs)
So my tank is finally getting built. Not 100% sure how long till it's done. Here are the specs.

90x60x50cm display in 10mm starfire glass and polished edges.
75x45x45 sump in 6mm.
So total water volume about 340l without displacement.

So far stocking plans are:
Midas blenny
Pair of Leopard wrasse
Carpenters flasher wrasse
Red Fairy Wrasse (walindi or longfin)
Pair of spotbreast angels
Sand sifting goby
Convict tang
4x green chromis
Might leave the chromis and convict out as I think this would be over stocked. But we all know stocking plans never work out that way, lol.

Tank will be sps dominated with some zoas, rics and anemones. Possibly a few clams.

Looking at a bubble magus curve 7 or Red Devil 850 as a skimmer.

Sump order will be:
Filter sock>skimmer>matrix +marine pure>GFO+Carbon>Return
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Deltec APF800 that I bought on Saturday. Unfortunately I couldn't collect myself and when it got home I noticed a crack in the body. Will ask Zayn at Powerlab to patch it up for me, but if that doesn't work I'll have to return it to the guy.
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Hope you get it sorted out.
How is the tank build going?
Tank was supposed to be delivered last week, but the stand wasn't ready. New date was today, but it turns out he drilled the holes for overflow in the front (starfire) panel
but it turns out he drilled the holes for overflow in the front (starfire) panel
wow... now that is what you get when not focusing on your job.
Expensive mistake. At least you now got a very nice back panel. :blush:
Come'on Tahir, don't let us wait so long
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