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    T2 subminiature fluorescent aquarium lighting is still just an idea in the minds of aquarium hobbyists with photosynthetic lighting needs. Although T2 lights haven’t really taken off (yet), that hasn’t stopped at least one manufacturer from pumping out little all-in-one fixtures that include theT2 fluorescent bulb. The only striplight we know of that runs a T2 fluorescent lamp is the same one from
    American Aquarium which we wrote about in summer of 2009.

    The latest version of this T2 fluorescent striplight now comes with a clear directional lens to help you focus the light, this is in addition to the skinny parabolic reflector which gives back-up support to the light’s shine. The striplights are cheap ($30) and the replacement bulbs are affordable too (~$11) and we jsut wonder how much light the T2 really puts off and how long the bulbs really last. If either the output or longevity are withing reasonable levels, the T2 light could still have a future retrofitting old aquarium lights and providing some added warmth to the cool white and blue color rendition of many of today’s LEDs.
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