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    The Syngna is a new all in one Seahorse Aquarium currently under development by Reef Eden International. Following in the footsteps of their popular Aurelia aquarium dedicated to Jellyfish, the Syngna inherits Eden Reef’s know-how in creating specialized aquariums for marine life with exacting requirements for the best health, growth and vitality.

    What we know about the Syngna so far is that it will be equipped with a built in protein skimmer, and Kreisel like flow to keep food in suspension, and wastes going to the filter while not posing a challenge to the unique swimming behavior of seahorses. Eden Reef will be offering the Syngna seahorse system in two sizes, an 80 liter (17.5 gallon) system and a 220 liter (48 gallon) size with dimensions approximating a two foot cube aquarium.

    One of the coolest little tidbits we learned about the forthcoming Syngna Seahorse Aquarium is that it will be specially designed to house either young or adult seahorses. A dedicated micron screen will slide into the prefilter when young and juvenile seahorses are being ket in the Syngna, while flow rates and other adjustments can be made when adult seahorses are being ket for display or breeding.

    Reef Eden is expected to announce more details about the Syngna Seahorse Aquarium this May, pretty close to when the new all in one is ready for order. In the ten years that we worked at retail local fish stores, we can’t even count the number of times that newbies and experienced aquarists alike asked about seahorses and a seahorse aquarium so it’s about time an enterprising company like Reef Eden tackled this unique niche head-on. [Reef Eden]
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