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    This Synergy Travel Frag tank is sure to please those looking for a portable frag tank solution.*The portable travel frag tank was manufactured by Synergy Reef Systems, a high quality everything-acrylic-related manufacturer, located right here in the United States. Synergy Reef Systems is a company *you might previously have been more*familiar*with as Atomic Reef Systems, but deviating from their line up of *nuclear colors, this particular travel frag tank is a lot less flashy, although equally pleasant on the eyes.

    The system was designed for High Def Corals as their dedicated frag swap and reefing show tank, complete with*carrying*case and all.*The *carrying*case looks like it could withstand anything and should provide an easy of mind to coral sellers on the road, or even hobbyist dedicated to their frag swaps. The Synergy Reef Systems frag tank was custom made, and is thus not*available*for purchase on their website, but as usual they take custom orders. For custom orders Synergy Reef Systems can be*contacted*through their website.
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