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8 May 2007
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The Synergy Reef Overflow is a simple overflow system that features a removable magnetic weir to give you a handy “plug-and-play” option when designing your aquarium.

Any overflow has two things it needs to deliver on, being as small as possible and be as quiet as possible, and this overflow seems to deliver on both while giving impressive flow rates. You may remember the Reef Savvy “Ghost Overflow”, this started off as that project but now it has been updated, improved and is being built completely in house as the Synergy Reef Overflow.

The product is designed of quality acrylic and all the pieces are cut via spindle CNC to ensure all of the pieces fit together tightly and give you a quality piece of equipment. A nice touch on the weir is the use of a laser to cut the teeth to ensure there is a smooth, polished finish. Most of the time the rough edges are the perfect breeding ground for algae and other nasties to clog up the overflow and reduce flow rates.

The slim design is only 1.35 in. thick and 16 in. long by 5.75 in tall for the internal (aquarium facing) side, but still giving you an impressive 1,500 GPH flow rate.  The rear box is 16 x 3.5 x 6 in. and is secured with three standard 1 in. ABS bulkheads and can be installed on any non-tempered glass or acrylic aquarium up to 5/8 in. thick (15mm).

The Synergy Reef Overflow retails for $199.99.

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11 Aug 2008
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My overflow works the same as this, internal box, with 2 holes feeding external box. Using the Bean animal design, slightly modified. And no bulkheads in between.

But it did not cost me $199.

Must admit, it looks extremely neat.
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