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    The Syncra SDC is Sicce’s newest generation of high performance aquarium pump, a Smart DC (SDC) controllable water mover that improves on every aspect of the current gen Syncra pumps. Sicce, who already makes what we consider to be the only AC pump that can compete with DC pumps, has made a controllable DC pump of their own. FINALLY!

    For years we’ve questioned Sicce about when they would come out with a DC pump, and always the reply was that Sicce wanted to make their AC pump technology to be even better, making them as good, silent, efficient and reliable as possible. But the day has finally come when Sicce put their engineering skills and experience in pump design to develop a groundbreaking new pump, the Syncra SDC – and yes – the PSK SDC.

    The mechanism which seals the volute of the Sicce Syncra SDC pump allows the volute to rotate and point the outlet in a number of different positions.

    Sicce has developed and will be releasing a total of four new SmartDC pumps, two Syncra SDC and two PSK SDC pumps so they can cover your water flow needs from the return pump to the protein skimmer. Honestly, we’re not sure what to be excited about most, that one of our all-time favorite return pumps is getting better and smarter, or that those same improvements are coming to one of the most widely used and popular protein skimmer pumps, the Sicce PSK protein skimmer pump.

    Details about Sicce’s spankin’ new Syncra SDC and PSK SDC pumps are scant, but we do know that they will be equipped with a custom multifunction controller with wireless connectivity, so we suppose there will be some kind of smartphone app. Also, the new SDC line of Syncras and PSKs use the same modest body size as existing models, yet will be cranking out comparatively ludicrous flow rates with industry-leading efficiency.

    We hope to scratch out some more specifics on the four new models of Smart DC pumps from Sicce before InterZoo. Once we finally get to Germany we’ll get to see these pumps in real life for ourselves, and find out how much they will cost, and when they will be released. Stay tuned.

    The Syncra SDC’s attractive digital SmartDC controller has around 30 micro-leds for indicating various modes and flow speed. And look! it even has wifi.

    The first full render of Sicce’s brand new controllable Syncra SDC 6.0 aquarium pump, show here with a completely custom digital pump controller.

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