RSS Syncra HF 10, 12 and 16 are Sicce’s pumps for high flow applications

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    The Syncra High Flow pumps from Sicce are the newest addition to the product offering from the veteran Italian pump manufacturer. The Syncra 10, 12 and 16 are high capacity water pumps which feature silent operation, a very efficient synchronous motor and respectable flow curves that top out at 15 feet/5 meters of head pressure. We especially like that these high flow Sicce Symcra pumps are versatile with threaded inlets and outlets and the ability to run submerged or externally.

    The Sicce Syncra 10 pumps 2500gph at 145 watts, the Syncra 12 does 3200 gph at 165 watts and the Syncra 16 does 4200 gph at 190 watts. The new Sicce Syncra High Flow pumps are due to arrive stateside in the next month or so with pricing yet to be announced.* Sicce does one thing and they do it well: building dependable and efficient water pumps and these new Syncra HF water pumps will probably be strongly contenders for mission-critical and efficiently designed aquarium and pond setups.
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    the Syncra 10 pushes 2500gph, that is about 9500L/h. and doing it at 145W Well depending on pricing, it should be an alternative for a CLS

    the 16, at almost 16000l/h and 190W, that is comparable to the Reeflo Barracuda if I'm not mistaken

    whats the price.... In South Africa???

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