RSS Sylvania confirms a difference between KZ Fiji Purple and ATI Purple T5 lamps

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    In the aquarium industry, as with all others, many products are made to specification for companies by much larger companies. Take for instance the T5 fluorescent lamps in the aquarium hobby, many of which are made by the German lighting behemoth Sylvania. Making something to specification is not the same as taking an existing product and simply relabeling or rebranding it.

    There has been some commotion as of late regarding the Korallen Zucht Fiji Purple T5 lamp and the ATI Purple Plus lamp which was released after the KZ Fiji purple. These violet-hued T5 fluorescent lamps have become very popular in the T5 reef lighting world but there has been some accusations that KZ is demanding a premium for their lamps simply because of their brand name recognition. Although it is true that both the KZ and ATI lamps are both made by Sylvania, we’ve received an offocial statement from Sylvania which confirms that the lamps by these two companies are “not identical” in their special color spectrum. Take that to mean what you will, or you can read the official statement below.

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