Sweet and sassy 175g makes the grade in Manhattan Reefs’ inaugural TOTM

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    This*impeccable 175 gallon reef tank was annointed the lucky winner of Manhattan Reefs’ inaugural “Tank of the Month”*for December. The custom 175g was put together by MR user “Strendo” and even without the incredible coral stands, the tank itself is worth taking a look at.

    The tank itself is built to order by Aquarium Obsessed in Canada and measures 47 x 38 x 24 in. with starfire glass on two sides. In between the panes, Adrian took time to create two asymmetric bommies with plenty of open space on all sides allowing for good circulation and a very pleasing aesthetic. On the two bommies, he has a great mix of color, shape and texture with the SPS dominant layout giving it depth and plenty to capture the attention of your eyes. He also has the tank stocked pretty well with a variety of fish. Included on his stocking list are a few different tangs (Hippo, Yellow, White Cheek and Kole tangs), a pair of clowns, a harem of anthias, a grip of chromis, a duo of foxface, a yellow blenny, a Lamarck’s angel and a Leopard wrasse.

    For a full rundown on his stocking, equipment and maintenance for this wonderful setup, check out the TOTM thread at Manhattan Reefs. For all you Manhattan Reefs members, the bar is set high right out of the gate so we look forward to seeing what’s next from this group.
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