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    Saltwater Connection has yet another product to be proud of. Their Xtreme Cone 120 and 160 are favorites among many aquarists, and the 150 BMK is going to be no different, I expect! Build Quality Upon opening of the box, I did not know what to expect since the retail value of the skimmer was much lower when compared to name brand skimmers. The 150 BMK was well packed without anything dangling or falling apart. The skimmer body is made of acrylic while the diffuser plate is made out of plastic. So what is given up? At the price level of this skimmer, you think to yourself "What am I sacrficing?" None to very little if anything. The skimmer utilizes a wedge pipe instead of a gate valve. The skimmer is unbelievably quiet. It does not compromise much for its price. Specifications For those on the market looking for a small footprint skimmer, the 150 BMK is 9” x 6.5”. It is 21” tall needing only 1/2” of clearance to remove the skimmate cup. The cup is easily detachable at the neck. The skimmer is intended to be in 7-10” water. Like its cone brother, the 150 BMK is using...


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