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    Sustainable Aquatics’ Dry Hatchery Diet is a new feed from the captive-bred marine fish producer which is designed to help fish grow fast and colorful. SA Dry Hatchery Diet is made with krill, fish and squid meal and specifically added astaxanthin so your fish can keep their bright red and orange colors. Rich foods like this one with 52% protein and 16% fat are great for fast growing fish and reef species with high metabolism like small wrasses and anthias but it should not be used exclusively on the average reef tanks since it may contribute to higher nutrient build-up then you would get if you just fed your tangs some nori. SA Dry Hatchery Diet comes in a 0.5mm and 1.5mm pellet size, just a little bit larger and smaller than the classic red discus bits made by Tetra and Sera and it is available now to marine life dealers who purchase captive bred fish from Sustainable Aquatics.
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