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    The Sunkist Clownfish is a naturally*occurring*variety of the pink skunk clownfish, Amphiprion perideraion.*I’ve been extolling the importance of understanding and appreciating the wild geographic variants of our clownfish species for a couple years now, so you might understand the excitement about today’s captive-breeding *announcement from Sustainable Aquatics.

    Their latest introduction, the “Sunkist” (or Sun-Kissed) variant of the ubiquitous Pink Skunk Clownfish, Amphiprion perideraion, brings this delightful form to the masses. *This natural variation of the Pink Skunk clownfish lives up to its namesake, replacing the pale pink typically associated with the species for a beautiful bright, airy, orange sherbert.

    1749.jpg Captive-bred Sunkist variant of the Pink Skunk Clownfish, Amphiprion perideriaon “Fiji Sunkist” – image courtesy Sustainable Aquatics

    In every respect, the only real difference here is a good known provenance (Sustainable Aquatic’s line comes from Fiji) and the beautiful and different coloration. Otherwise, these are Pink Skunk Clowns through and through. *The best part? While wild caught Sunkist variant Pink Skunk Clownfish can fetch prices that are upwards of 10-times greater than the typical Pink Skunk, SA has opted to introduce this fish at a pricing level comparable to their Fire and Ruby Clownfish (A. ephippium and A. barberi respectively). *This suggests a robust supply, and is yet another example of how captive-breeding makes rare variants and species more accessible to the mainstream hobbyist.

    1748.jpg Captive-bred Sunkist variant of the Pink Skunk Clownfish, Amphiprion perideriaon “SA Fiji Sunkist” – image courtesy Sustainable Aquatics

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