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    With a firm mind share of the captive bred aquarium fish market Sustainable Aquatics is now turning its attention to providing cultured corals. For the past couple of weeks Sustainable Aquatics has been teasing a variety of medium sized frags of various beautiful coral strains, with playful goofy names that hearken back to the days of Reefer Madness, as you would expect since Chris Turnier is SA’s go-to coral guy.

    Sustainable Aquatics is working on providing cultured corals from a wide range of sources, both maricultured and aquacultured. On the maricultured side of things, in their own words SA “[has] set up dozens of micro coral farms in agreements with*Tribal Leaders*in the*Indo Pacific”, a tactic we applaud since it provides income to these coastal islanders.

    As far as aquacultured corals are concerned, SA has been building coral systems to grow their own and they will also partner up with other domestic coral farmers to provide a wide range of coral species. There’s no definite word on when SA will begin offering their menu of cultured corals but with coral frag porn coming up more and more frequently on their facebook page, it’s only a matter of time before they see a proper release. [Sustainable Aquatics]

    bonzai-acropora.jpg Bonzai Acropora

    nuclear-montipora.jpg Nuclear green montipora neospongodes

    antifreeze-acropora.jpg antifreeze deepwater acropora suharsonoi

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