Survey - What's in(vertebrate) your tank?

21 Oct 2013
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What's in(vertebrate) your tank?

I found a fun online survey.

From the survey page:

My name is Joanne Younger and I am a postgraduate student at the University of Portsmouth.

My project is looking at the marine aquarium trade with the intention of ultimately trying to culture popular invertebrate species.

However, before I start any research into this, I want to know some more information from the important groups in the trade - the hobbyists and the retailers.

The questions I have are:

  • What invertebrates are hobbyists keeping in their tanks?
  • How many of each species are being kept by each hobbyist?
  • What kinds of invertebrates are being kept together and which are the most compatible combinations?

To gather all of this information, I have designed a short survey where you can record everything about your tank and what you have in it. Once the survey is completed, the work will be published as part of my final thesis, and also published for use by the trade.
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