Survey on marine ornamental industry in SA

19 Jul 2007
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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to discuss this (moderators please move it as you see fit) but i thought that because i'm on my way up to Durbs on friday i might as well get the ball rolling before i get there.

The status of the local marine ornamental industry is difficult to assess properly as one has to rely on hobbyists for information who are tricky to contact in large numbers. I tried sending out a survey form a few years ago and the response was dismal. I'm therefore hoping that the IMACSA conference will help alleviate this problem as there'll be many hobbyists in one small area who share a passion for keeping marine fish and inverts. As i'm sure we'll all be very busy during the day with the conference and at night drinking copious amounts of beer, I thought i should provide everyone with the survey before the conference so you can complete it, print and bring it along to give to me. You can also email it to me if it's easier. (It's attached as a MS-Word doc). Anyone who isn't attending IMACSA is also kindly requested to please complete the form as the more info i have the more realistic the report will be.

There are two parts to the survey - one for hobbyists and one for retailers/wholesalers. Please only complete the sections relevant to you (if you are in the aquarium/pethop trade and also keep marines yourself then please do both!).

Thanks very much for your help. I'll be sure to post the findings of the survey on the site for everyone to see.

see you at IMACSA!




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Thanks for this Niall, I trust our members will support you whole heartedly in this survey.

Will you be bringing some additional printed forms to the conference for the attendees that are not on the forums?
Just nudging this thread. I know I haven't quite gotten around to filling it in *yet*. Hopefully now that IMACSA is over and people have caught some sleep they can complete this survey.
OK - Now that someone has enlightened me about this thread - I want to revive it....
Can we please know where to send the completed MS Word document? Email address?

BTW: I have uploaded mine here.... :)

No - it's not a secret... anyone can download it and read it.....


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Need to find out from Nosaj if they still want us to send info.

Jacques, you want to see if you can get hold of him ?
Need to find out from Nosaj if they still want us to send info.

Jacques, you want to see if you can get hold of him ?

I am not sure, but I completed it in any case..... perhaps the Dr. can use it in other studies.....
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