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7 May 2007
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Port Elizabeth
Ok, here it is… My first attempt at SPS :)

The Tank dimensions are 2100(l) x 700(w) x 650(h) of which 100mm of the length is used for the overflow running along the entire width of the left hand side of the tank, so the actual inside length is 2000mm.

I have two sumps the 1st is 750(l) x 450(w) x 350 (h) and houses the Protein skimmers, Inlet and outlet of canister filter running activated carbon and phosphate remover, Chiller feed pump, Calcium reactor feed pump, Heater, ORP probe, PH probe and Digital thermometer.

The 2nd sump is 1200(l) x 480(w) x 350(h) of which the first 1000mm houses the Deep Sand Bed with egg crate suspended above it to serve as a frag grow out area and the last 200mm houses the Return pump and the Auto top up.

Lighting on the display is provided by 3 x 250w DE Aquamedic AquaStarlight units running Aqualine 10000’s (13k) and a 3 x 150w DE Aquamedic AquaStarlight unit running Aqualine 20000’s (20k) and 2 x Aquamedic T5 Sun Beam units each housing 2 x 39w Aquamedic Ocean Blues. So in total that’s 3 x 250w halides (13k) 3 x150w halides (20k) and 4 x 39w blue T5’s

The frag grow out area above the DSB is lit by a 150w DE Aqualine 10000 (13k) and a 4ft Phillips T8 03 Actinic

In tank flow is provided by 2 x SEIO M2600’s on a multi controller 3 x SEIO M1500’s of which 2 are on a 2nd multi controller and a further 2 x SEIO M1100’s

The flow in the frag grow out area is provided by 2 x SEIO M620’s

Skimming is performed by an Aquamedic Turboflotor Blue 3000 run by a Ocean runner 3500 needle wheel. And a Reeftek TS4 run by 3 x Ocean runner 2500 needle wheels.

Other Equipment…

Canister Filter: Fluval 404 containing Aquamedic activated carbon and Phosphate remover

Chiller: Aquamedic Titan 2000

Heater: Jager 300w

Return pump: Ocean Runner 6500

Calcium Reactor: Deltec PF601

Kalkstirrer: Aquamedic KS1000

Auto Top up: Aquamedic Niveaumat

RO unit: WaterBoy Reef Master Plus
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The tank is situated in the Lounge, This is the view as you coming down the passage

WOW man, this is stunning. I love this tank it inspires me every time I see it.
That birdsnest has really turned out great.

And wow a MASA exclusive, nice thinking there Big Guy.:smilielol5::smilielol5:

Now we need pics of the lighting, sump, frag grow out area and of course the equipment outside.:55:We wanna see what runs this mean machine
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Great pics of a great tank! Well done Surgeon.
ps. Where is the puppy?

good point Tom, hey Surgeon, where is Buddy? this just isnt right:y10:
Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!!
A hidden dragon in South Aftrica.
Mate reeeeaaalllly cool man!!!
Geez that just gave me goose bumps,..... and a lump in my throat.
How young is this tank? A lot of your colonies seem all grown up.
About bloody time you posted a few pic's. I knew it was gonna be awesome the moment I first saw it.

But how about getting rid of some of those ugly coloured sticks and rather put in some nice wavy ones. :lol:

I definitely have to pop in again.

But how about getting rid of some of those ugly coloured sticks and rather putin some nice wavy ones. :lol:

that what i keep telling him:smilielol5:
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shit that just made my day....I now see what all the fuss was about trying to get pic's from you.... wow this tank is awesome.... well done.
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