7 May 2007
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Guys if you do regular water changes (10% per week minimum) do you need to dose supplements?

I currently do both, I do water changes and dose Iodine, Magnesium, Strontium and trace elements.
Copperband i think it depends on the livestock you keep, i do 5% a week water change and add zeo start, k balance, B balance, amino acids, iron, pocci glow, potassium iodide and coral vitalizer daily. Bloody hectic.
:arghhhh: very difficult to answer as i dont run the entire system with the zeolite, the average price per bottle is about R350.00 but lasts for ages. For inatance i only add 3 drops of iron in my system per day the bottle will last a year.
:lol: I dream of your tank almost every night only diffs is it's in my house - but you still do the water changes :)
Do you see a big change when you dose ? I am using the Tropic Marin Coral minerals. They include strontium and Iodine.
i would be careful with dosing as dosing with water changes could lead to over odsing
So dont you add any supps Phat, or do you not do water changes?
Len the suppliments depends on the live stock in the tank, you do get very good trace element suppliments.
First you must do a bit research here as it is not a good idea to mix the softs and the SPS as the soft corals wage a chemical warfare against SPS. The mix of SPS and LPS is okay but dificult to balance the correct water flow for each. The SPS require a high flow and the LPs in general like a gentler fow.
Yip there are additives that are specific to the SPS corals
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