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    The Maristar 2 first shown off by Sunlight Supply at Reefapalooza 2010 is finally being made and close to availability for reefers needing copious amount of light for their aquarium.Sunlight Supply’s Maristar 2 includes all of the metal halide, high output T5 fluorescent and LED moonlighting aquariums love. Like previous Sunlight Supply lighting fixtures such as the Tek Wave VHO T5, the Maristar 2 is only designed and built in a 48″ (120cm) length to meet the needs of one of the most popular lengths of aquarium lights in the hobby. With built in industrial timers for the halides and the T5 lamps and a solid extruded aluminum body the Maristar 2 is ready to serve some serious light output to hungry photosynthetic coral aquariums.


    The Maristar 2 joins the forces of two 250 watt metal halides with four 54 watt high output T5 fluorescent lamps to provide over seven hundred watts of coral growing goodness. The two halides found in the Maristar 2 will help reefers saturate their corals with nutritious levels of Photosynthetically Active Radiation while the T5 lamps will help out in the color department, evenness of the light spread and some UV to stimulate fluorescent coral pigments. Rounding out the trifecta of light technology is the array of LED moonlights which allow Maristar 2 owners to get some face time with corals at night, which is especially useful for watching hungry coral polyps and tentacles extended at night and begging for various plankton.

    Sunlight Supply’s Maristar 2 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $529 plus $69 if you want mounting brackets, but it doesn’t include any bulbs nor the metal halide ballasts. Having a choice of your preference of HQI metal halide ballasts is a must for hardcore highlight loving coral growers. Even once you figure in the cost for all the lamps and a great electronic dual ballast, maybe with some power*selection*options, the price of a fully loaded Maristar 2 still be well shy of the cost to get the same amount of light from LED lights while using a tried and tested method of growing the bejeezus out of soft and stony corals.

    Be sure to check out our previous coverage of the Maristar 2 for full hands-on pics of the hybrid light and check the press release below for the final specifications of the Maristar 2. [Sunlight Supply]

    Sunlight Supply Maristar 2 Features:

    • Sleek extruded aluminum body for added durability, strength and heat dissipation
    • Accommodates two 250 watt metal halide lamps for high powered growth and shimmer (sold separately)
    • Accepts four 54 watt T5 HO supplemental lamps for added coloration and sunrise/sunset effect (sold separately)
    • Twelve integrated 1/2 watt LED moonlights for night viewing and to encourage spawning
    • Integrated fans actively cool the fixture for increased reliability and improved lamp performance
    • Built in independent timers for the LED moonlights and T5 supplemental lamps
    • European aluminum reflectors for increased output and uniformity
    • UV inhibiting glass for safety of aquarium inhabitants and aquarium user
    • Adjustable cable suspension kit included
    • Lift Lock™ tank mount system sold separately​

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