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    Coldplay is a household name in popular music these days but that wasn’t always the case. So why are we talking about them on a reef aquarium forum? *Shortly after their debut EP, Coldplay released another rare EP, called “The Blue Room EP”. *The album art consisted of a hand holding a beautiful orange Cycloseris. The music was melancholy, dark, and very different than the pop anthems they crank out today. I personally wished their music continued to sound like that album, but you can’t blame a band for following a recipe that has given them critical acclaim and global success.**The album name, “Blue Room EP”, also suggests some time was spent in a room with a reef aquarium. Those Actinics and Radiums certainly make the whole room glow blue.

    Given the title and album cover, it was easy to imagine these guys chilling in front of a reef aquarium during the album’s creation. Perhaps the reef tank helped the creative process. Sadly, as much I wanted to believe this, it isn’t the case. The photo came from a National Geographic issue. Hence, there was no reef tank. The walls in the room were probably blue, nothing more.*It is still very cool to see corals depicted in pop culture. If you have any other good examples, let us know.*More information about the Coldplay Blue Room album can be found*here.


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