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    3 May 2008
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    Hey guys....been pondering abt what would be the best way to better feed my suncoral.....on the advice of LFS i have been liquidising sum fresh prawn and mixing into a watery paste with salt water....using a syringe and after switching off the pumps and distracting other fish with their normal feed i have been squirting the little guy with thois paste.....

    problem is that once paste from syringe comes into contact with more salt water it becomes a stringy fluffy texture that just seems to float or sit on it.....

    what i was thinking was that i could remove my small suncoral place him in a 2lt ice cream container filled with water from tank and then do my feeding ...allowing him maximum exposure and choice to nibble on food.??????

    any comments..???? I think is a good idea rather than messing up whole tank with fluffy prawn just need a second opinion ...thanks in advance shiks
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    18 Nov 2007
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    That's how I did it........I then dumped that water. You'll want to monitor your SG/Salinity because it you only top-off with fresh water, it'll slowly go down. Then I got sick of feeding it and gave it to a friend. It was huge by that point anyway and too big for my tank.

    Many people with protein skimmers that are oversized for their tanks can get away with a feeding cap. Basically, you take a 2 liter soda bottle, cut the bottom off, put it over the coral, squirt a whole bunch of food into the lid and then screw it back on. This allows the coral to get fed as much as possible while protecting it from tankmates that want to steal that food and then when the lid is removed, the skimmer removes the excess.
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    11 May 2007
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    Interesting way that. A friend of mine keeps them in his overflow box, switches off the return and feeds them there but you obviously miss out on viewing. Personally they are too high maintenance corals for me.

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