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    hi guys looking for some advise on building a sump for my tank I have 1200x800 worth of space to add a sump ( tank is viewable from 3 sides, overflow is on a short side) but I have a bubble blaster 5000 external skimmer , looking to keep it simple with room to try new things
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    It all depends on what your filtration goals are. There's a few things to consider on how aggressive you want to do things. Besides Desolved Organic Compounds (DOC's) which your skimmer should take care of, Nitrates and Phosphate are the the biggest challenge. For this we have a few options. These can be broken down into chemical and biological. On the biological side we have DSB's, Refugiums, Algea Turf Scrubbers, Carbon Dosing (some may lean to it being chemical) to name a few and on the chemical side we have NP Pellets, Orca Bio Cubes, Phosphate Reactors etc. So the design will gravitate towards the types of filtration you choose. A few questions you want to ask yourself.

    1. Do you want to run any mechanical filtration i.e Filter socks.
    2. Any reactors that need to be used. i.e phos, carbon, NP pellets etc?
    3. Optimal operating height of skimmer.
    4. RO Chamber?
    5. Space for a possible chiller, doser, dosing containers, kalk reactors etc.
    6. Do you want a refugium or an are to grow macro algeas etc.

    As can be seen there's quite a few variables to get through before attempting to design your perfect sump layout.

    Most average sumps are 3 chambers with the middle chamber baffle between this and the return chamber being the optimal height at which your skimmer performs. This chamber is usually the largest to accommodate the above as well as a possible skimmer upgrade or for a DSB if that is part of your filtration.

    Give a brief idea of what route you likely to follow and perhaps we can offer some guidance.

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