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    pectinia-sulawesi.jpg This Sulawesi coral is an incredible Pectinia chalice showing unique shape and color. Photo Greenwich Aquaria

    sulawesi-pectinia-4-266x300.jpg Sulawesi corals are about to pick up where Borneo corals left off, we hope. A couple years ago there was some efforts to get Borneo corals into the aquarium trade,*and*that hasn’t panned out yet, but now Sulawesi corals may become the new poster children for shipments from the infamous Coral Triangle.

    Our first sneak peek at Sulawesi corals comes to us from Greenwich Aquaria who shared some pictures of awesome Sulawesi Pectinia chalices. Unlike most Pectinia corals, these colonies from Sulawesi are mostly flat with brightly colored oral discs and growth margins. The Sulawesi Pectinia*somewhat resembles Mycedium robokaki but that species usually has smaller corallites and no primary central corallite.

    It is not yet clear what kind of uniqueness we can expect from Sulawesi corals as only a couple shipments have made their way to Merit Imports of New Jersey. Hopefully in a short while we will see even more spectacular coral specimens in addition to the breathtaking chalice Pectinia from the Coral Triangle.
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