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Discussion in 'Idol Marine' started by abgg118, 14 Oct 2013.

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    Hi Rob / Adriaan,

    I have a suggestion for improving your already great builds. I find that my urchins are "chewing off" small bits of the wide black silicone edging, where they can get to. This leads to uneven cuts along the edges of the black edging, which unfortunately detracts from the overall look. A way to counter this can be to stick a thin piece of plastic (very thin glass/perspex?) onto the inside of the edge. It can be cut a little narrower than the edging to not interfere with with the joining (and extra strips for strengthening the join) of the panels - the important part to cover is the outer edge, as nothing will really be able to get to the edge right next to the joins. And if it's thin enough, it will not be visible from outside.

    This will also reduce the risk of accidentally (or through wear and tear) damaging the edge over time, for instance glass scrapers can be "stopped" to a degree by the firmer edge.

    I hope you can use this - just a suggestion. :thumbup:

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    Thanks Man.

    We have discussed this a couple of times and have taken the problem to our glass suppliers. (Perspex will not work, it will come off very soon.) It needs to be polished glass to work and give a clean finish and the producers have said it's very difficult to do (2mm glass is very light). It would be expensive.

    It would be a fairly expensive option. But one that we could offer to those who want it.:)

    Thanks for the thought.:peroni:

    We are always looking for ways to improve our systems and value constructive suggestions.

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