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    Suezichthys is a genus of wrasses which now enjoys another species with the description of Suezichthys rosenblatti. Discovered living around miniscule oceanic islands off the coast of Chile, Suezichthys rosenblatti is currently only known from the type specimens collected around*Isla San Felix,*Isla Juan Fernandez and Isla San Ambrosio in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

    suezichthys-arquatus-shaw1.jpg Suezichthys arquatus comes from Australia. Photo I. Shaw of

    In the aquarium world*Suezichthys*is rarely encountered but we may as well compare them to the*Halichoeres*wrasses with a slightly more slender build. The reason*Suezichthys*wrasses are unknown to aquarists is that they predominantly come from temperate and subtropical locations such as Japan, New Zealand and Western Australia or in the cooler, deep waters of tropical locations.

    It is a shame that*Suezichthys*are so poorly known because their members are extremely beautiful with features, pattern and color to rival the brightest supermale*Coris,*Halichoeres*and some hogfish. The images provided for*Suezichthys rosenblatti*and the physical description offer few details on what their live appearance is truly like, but if it’s anywhere near their sister species*Suezichthys arquatus*or*S. cyanolaemus, we bet it’s awesome.

    suezichthys-cyanolaemus1.jpg Suezichthys cyanolaemus develops into drop-dead gorgeous male specimens. Photo Stuart-Smith

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