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    Japan has once again, secured the rarest of the rare. This time, its a pair of Tosanoides filamentosus. The 8cm stunner shown above is a young male specimen, caught together with its 6cm female partner. The rarity of this fish is outstanding as far as deepwater anthias go, and the beauty is one to match. The male shown above has not attained full size yet, and will only get more beautiful as it grows. Tosanoides is a genus comprising of only two species. T. filamentosus shown above, and the even more beautiful, T. flavofasciatus.


    Of course! A single female specimen of T. flavofasciatus*was also displayed for sale. Really, unbelievable what these Japanese LFS owners can do. The 7cm long female above is a drab comparison to the males of this species. The candy pink and yellow stripes that adorn the males of this species is really, indescribable! Although both species are exceedingly rare in the trade and even in Japan, there have been a few occasions in which the two species have been offered for sale, including these gorgeous male specimens of T. flavofasciatus that were offered earlier this year.



    You wouldn’t think we would be that mean to tempt you with the description, but not show a photo would you? check out these amazing male specimens that were offered for sale earlier this year. Don’t get too happy though. The Tosanoides anthias are really really rare and costs about $5k-6k per piece! Three high end LFS in Japan brought them in. Blue Harbor*scored the gorgeous T. flavofasciatus, while Vessel Marine showcased T. filamentosus. However, both species were offered for sale by Aqua Maintenance Lagoon. Certainly an incredible treat!
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