Stunning kenyan shipment

Discussion in 'SAMS Aquarium' started by ebrahim sams aquarium, 20 Apr 2013.

  1. ebrahim sams aquarium

    ebrahim sams aquarium

    22 Aug 2011
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    Bergvliet, Cape Town
    Dusky Angel R178
    Threadfin butterfly R175
    Lipstick tang R280
    Jumping bean R320
    Sunburst goby R395
    Large Threadfin goldie R180
    Sixlined wrasse R135
    Regal tang R389
    Line glider R279
    Lyretail goldie R139
    Exquisite wrasse R169
    Large volitans lionfish R250
    Large shortfin lionfish R195
    Cleaner wrasse R65
    Carpenter wrasse R198
    Selaris goby R89
    Scopa tang R159
    Sailfin tang R225
    Tenneti surgeon R750
    Longnose butterfly R335
    Fire goby R195

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