Stunning Indonesia Coral Shipment received

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 8 May 2013.

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    Good day All

    We,ve received the following Stunning shipment of Corals in a range of colours as follows:

    Brains - Metalic Green, Red, Green. Moons - Yellow, Red, Dark Green. Pagodas - Branching and Cup Yellow & Green/Brown. Star Polyps - Metalic Green. Porities with small fan worms of various colours. Soft Cabbage -Yellow, Pink. Plates - Green, Yellow. Mushrooms - Green, Mixed, Striped, Metalic Green. Sun polyps. Organ Pipe - Green. Torch - Branched. Frog Spawns - Green Branched & Non-Branched. Hammers - Non-Branched and Branched - Green. Bubbles - Green. Tongues. Favites. Button Polyps.

    The only way to see how stunning these are is to pay us a visit and see for yourselves. For further info please call 021 9818191.

    We also need to advise that we are giving 20% off all Bubble Magnus equipment (mostly Nitrate Reductors and Calcium Reactors) while stocks last.


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  3. Evo R

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    8 Dec 2009
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    Any pics :p
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