Stunning indo shipment of fish

Discussion in 'SAMS Aquarium' started by ebrahim sams aquarium, 2 Dec 2013.

  1. ebrahim sams aquarium

    ebrahim sams aquarium

    22 Aug 2011
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    Black Spot swallowtail angel R395.00
    Coral Beauty R395.00
    Bi Colour Angel R250.00
    Pearl scale angel R195.00
    Vermiculated angel R195.00
    Cinnamon Clown R 125.00
    Goldhead Goby R150.00
    Copperband b/fly R245.00
    Threadfin b/fly R195.00
    Saddled b/fly R295.00
    Indian ocean Chevron R279.00
    Wimple fish R389.00
    Triangle B/fly R195.00
    Yellowtail damsel R59.00
    Clowns R98.00
    Two spot bristletooth R159.00
    Lipstick tang R395.00
    Fox Face R259.00
    Picasso trigger R 250.00
    Brown Tang R225.00
    Moorish Idol R198.00
    Indian Sailfin R595.00
    Pacific sailfin R395.00
    Diamond Back Goby R220.00
    Pygama Cardinal R69.00
    Anthias Dispar R98.00
    Harlequin sweetlip R298.00
    Selaris Goby R98.00
    Valentini Puffer R140.00
    Mandarin Fish R220.00
    Harlequin File fish R185.00
    Regal Tang R595.00
    Alleni Damsel R98.00
    Royal Dotty back R159.00
    Sixline wrasse R139.00
    Checkerboard R125.00
    Banggai Cardinal R295.00
    Green Chromis R75.00
    Red Honey Damsel R65.00
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  3. Zandy


    10 Oct 2012
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    Where are you located ??
  4. OP
    ebrahim sams aquarium

    ebrahim sams aquarium

    22 Aug 2011
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    Cnr Childrens Way & Dreyersdal Rd, Bergvliet. 0217122534
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