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    Tube anemones are absolutely stunning non-photosynthetic animals, and striped ones are even cooler. Add two colors into the mix and you end up with the beauty currently up on Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den. This specimen has been the third “rainbow” tube anemone up on Divers Den, the previous two rainbow specimens featured a orange mouth ring with blue on the outer part of the tentacles. All these tube anemones have been coming from Indonesia, and have us wondering what other color variations of tube anemones are hiding in the ocean. Pictures of previous specimens after the break.

    dcca09e3.jpg First specimen to show up on Divers Den, note the stripes on the tentacles

    rainbow1.jpg Second specimen to show up on Divers Den. Although this anemone might seem less bright than the first specimen, based on the white balance it is safe to assume that the color intensity is similar

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