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26 Feb 2008
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Hello all...

I don't really post a lot but I thought I had something to actually post about. I have a juvenile sailfin tang that I have had for about 6 months. It is currently about twice the size of a five rand coin. When I got him he was almost clear he was so tiny. He has been a modal tank mate until recently. I have an elegance coral which is very healthy and growing. When my leds begin their dimming process at about 6:30pm my Sailfin tang decides it is time to start picking at one side of the elegance. He has done this now for about 4 weeks. I can't see any real damage. the elegance simply closes on the one side and then the next day it is open and big like usual. He only does this during the dusk cycle. No other time of the day or evening. Once the lights get to their last phase (almost dark - with moon lights on) he stops and goes to his sleeping spot for the night. the next day he ignores the elegance until the about the same time.

Any ideas as to why or what I could do to stop this behaviour as I don't want him to get use to "eating" the elegance when he is bigger.

thanks in advance!! ;)
24 Dec 2010
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North Riding, Jozi
As long as he isn't damaging the Elegance it is fine. Maybe he is eating some algae that is growing under the tentacles and as dusk starts happening the area of algae is exposed and he decides to nibble at it. Then again, I have read about a sailfin that decided to eat clams.
Keep an eye on it.
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