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    Ok, back to my other Boyu 550 (128l)

    Link below:
    My second Buyo TL550 - please help - Marine Aquariums of South Africa

    Basically it is stocked with 2 Percula clowns, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, porcelain crab, hermits & snails.

    Tank containes mature liverock, a few corals and a bubble tip anemone (small one that came with the liverock). It has been running since beginning of April (but liverock is very mature).

    I'm thinking of adding 4 blue/green chromis.
    I have a lot of liverock in the tank and everything has been going very well - no issues with the tank.

    Would it be okay to add 4 small chromis at once?

    Any other stocking suggestions?

    How many fish would my Boyu support? I want to add cautiously, and read about potential fish.

    Other fish I am considering:
    - firefish
    - Neon blue goby / court jester goby
    - Tailspot blenny
    - Banded coral shrimp

    As always all MASA advice would be much appreciated!

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