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    Good day Idol reefers.

    We have received two shipments this week. TMC and USA.

    We received some Peppermint shrimps and Emerald crabs and Yellow tangs which have decreased in price to only R890.

    We also have some new aquamedic products.

    The new EcoDrift 8.0 and the 15.0 DC wave pumps

    These flow pumps are rated for 800 litre and 1500 litre tanks respectively with very low power rating of only 20 and 35 watts each.

    Pumping water at a max rate of 8000l/h and 15000l/h respectively

    They are supplied with a controller

    Very well priced at:

    PRICE: R2032 and R2565 respectively. GREAT VALUE!


    AM salt is only R890 at it makes 750 liters of water.

    We have started a very exciting new tank build…

    This acrylic tank 2000 x 1200w x 700h rimless baywindow tank will have a very modern and industrial finish, to match the modern style of the house it is going in. The tank will stand against a red facebrick wall. The ATI T5 and LED combo light will be suspended off a I-beam structure the has the same baywindow shape as the tank that will canterleaver out the back wall. The tank stand will have I-beams wrapping around the top and bottom of the stand with wood in between giving it a real industrial look.

    The filter room located in the garage will house all the filtration as well as the water change system.

    Here is a few photo’s. We will keep you updated as the project progresses.

    The tank is standing on the front panel with the base still to be glued on.



    emerald crab.jpg

    yellow tang.jpg

    AquaMedic-EcoDrift 8.jpg

    AM salt.jpg

    NEW TANK.jpg
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