Stinging of SPS


8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
howzit of my acros fell over and landed on of my montis.the branch of the acro that was on the monti has turned from yellow to white.what is the best remedy?should i frag the portion off, or leave it alone and allow for it to recover?
It all depends on how severely it was stung. If you took it off timeously, it should recover fast. (obviously dependant on water params and conditions) Coral will first shed tissue before polyps start bailing out. If the tissue is shed(hence white skeleton showing) but polyps are still present, recovery will be fast. If no polyps vivible, frag it, as alage will grow on the exposed skeleton.
Also see if there are any mesenterial filaments from the monti still attached to the acro, if so, frag off the part of the acro where they are attached. They will carry on stinging tyhe acro for some time after the corals came into contact.
Don't dip it in anything. Cut off the dead bits and it will be fine.;)

I'm beginning to think that Mekaeel has bought the Pro coral agency from Exotic. It is not a cure-all and with certain SPS, especially already stressed ones, it can do damage.
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