Still swimming with the Sea-Horses

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    Hi All,

    Most I believe know my passionate love for the Marine Species Hippocampus or more specifically Sea Horse.

    In recent years with the change in the "red data list" and the up and coming Gauteng Legislation I have had to put aside my hobby in order to assist in fighting an ill informed and unjust law which affects my love for both Sea-Horses and Cave exploration.

    If anybody has any questions, comments or news relating to Sea-horses please do PM me when adding a post. Although I will check in as often as possible my legal "hat" will consume much more of my time.

    I will stay on top of all developments in the Sea-horse world and hope to share actively any progress we make in South Africa when it comes to one day having the "cream" of the Sea-horse world available at our local Pet Stores.

    Till then I might have packed the tanks away, but I am fighting with others looking after our interest and I remain a willing assistant when it comes to questions or answers you may need.

    Sea - Horse
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    no comment
    Questions will come from We love the hippo and all seahorse species, wish the passion was more widespread.............
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