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    22 May 2012
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    Ok it has been a while since I post something.

    4 months ago I recieved the awfull disease white spot and clown fish disease.Went to the Pet shop, got Herbtana.The guy there adviced me this is the best stuff available.Dosed it and nothing it just got worse,the instruction say if after first coarse no success do another coarse so I did.I lost my Lyretail,Mandarin,Sea Star,Cleaner Wrasse,Anemone Crab.Did some reading and decided on Spots and Velvet.Dosed it and white spot gone, but Clown fish looks terrible.Went to another shop showed them the photos of the fish.The told me there is no way they wil make it.The were covered in clown fish disease, and already had heavy breathing.

    I were down in the dumps, the one clown is almost 4 years old now.So I went back to basics and used my knowledge that I have learned in freshwater fish thats over 15 years experience.

    I took them out placed them in a seperate tank.Used RO water and dipped them in there every now and then.After 2 days they were looking beter.Kept doing it until they were better.Kept them them in there another 2 weeks.

    Finally placed them back inside the main display.

    Ever since that I haven't had any problems again.

    So my tank is stable again,now I will get my fish that I lost back.
    They will go to quarintine for 3 weeks before going to main display.
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    2 Sep 2011
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    Sorry to hear about your losses. Glad your clowns made it:thumbup:
  4. Ayoob


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    Cape Town
    Thats A sad Moment.:(

    How long as your display been empty of fish for? The disease could probably still be dormant

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