Starting up again - this time Nano Style

Discussion in 'Nano Tank advice' started by Raven, 18 May 2011.

  1. Raven


    4 Dec 2007
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    Good afternoon,
    It's time for me to start-up again my marine tank. I've missed the hobby way too much.
    But I want to do it a bit more cost effective this time.
    And seeing that we have a 12 hour power failure yesterday it must be a bit more "fool" prove in that department.

    The reasons on why I've stopped with marines the last time:
    1. To expensive (My 300l tank (plus 700l filter) was a black hole for my money)
    2. Electricity going up. :-(
    3. Power failures driving me nuts...
    4. Time

    Ok nothing really changed - all the constraints above are still there, but hopefully with the Nano I can deal with some of these:
    It will still be expensive, but not as much as the 300l tank. On my previous system I had to do 100l water changes. Now I can do 5l water changes weekly. (I can actually do 10l water changes weekly).
    So just on this front I'll save a hell of a lot!

    On my old system I ran 5 heaters (ranging from 150w to 300w).
    On the Nano I'll use two 100w heaters. (One will be as a backup).

    On the smaller system it will be easier to do backup power. (Not sure how yet, but will get something going somehow). Even a battery driven airpump will work great!

    On the time constraint - well doing a 10l water change comparing to 100l water change - you do the math!

    My plans for this setup:
    I'm going to use my existing nano. (I think it's +-40-50l), with normal energy savers as lights.
    One or two pieces of rock will do.
    I'd love to get:
    Some sun corals, 1 shrimp, tube worms, and maybe a Christmastree, as none of these really need heavy/any light.
    I'm still deciding which fish I'll get. (Obviously it can only be one at most two little fish).

    Filtering....Eish... Not sure what to do with this.
    If one can do weekly water changes one might get away with little filtration...

    This tanks is going to stand on my desk, so I don't want to have unsightly external filters that takes up more space....

    So any ideas?
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  3. Tobes

    Tobes Retired Moderator

    30 Nov 2007
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    A Beautiful place!
    Sounds good, except you say one of the problems is time. A suncoral needs to be target fed daily and ALL the pollyps needs to get food. More food into a nano means more nutrients, so better filtration is needed or more frequent water changes. You have the time for that?
  4. Tremayn


    21 Mar 2010
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    Good to hear you are starting up again :)
  5. Raven

    Raven Thread Starter

    4 Dec 2007
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    For feeding the sun-coral - yes... I've target fed most of my previous corals before (including sun-coral) - and that was very time consuming. But that was in a much bigger tank.
    Feeding one or two sun-corals will still be time consuming, but much faster than before.

    The water changes will be quick - I mean how long does it take to remove 5-10l of water and replacing it?

    I'm thinking of preparing 20-30l at a time. Then I can maybe do small water changes every second day?
  6. Braco


    29 Mar 2011
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    cape town
    Starting up again is magnificent...but i have found that this hobby sooner than later you wanna go big again..but i am glad that you're all reared to go..let us know how the starting up is going..
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