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    Mossel Bay
    Hi Hennie,

    I want to start up a Marine Tank. Where is the best place to go to get the right equipment?(I live in Mossel Bay) Is it better to start up with a cold water tank and then later convert to a Tropical Tank? Is it better to use normal sea water or better to make salt water?

    I don't want to start off wrong and buy a whole lot of equipment that I won't need or that I have to upgrade too soon.

    I am thinking of a Tank about 1000mm x 500mm x 600mm high.

    Please help,


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    24 May 2007
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    North of Durban and South of Mozambique
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    15 May 2007
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    Hi Anthony - welcome to the "dark side" - here at MASA we will be only too glad to help you achieve this goal:thumbup:

    Your closest bet would be Cape Town. Any of the MASA sponsors from CT would be able to help. Personally, I would speak to Dory Pets if I were you...

    Well, that's how I started when I moved to Riversdale some 12 years ago - just collected small fish, snails, etc from the beach. This was not such a good idea, though, as the water temperature on the Cape south coast is quite cold, and the creatures died the first summer, when the tank water became too hot. I would recommend that you start off with a tropical set-up, unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money at the start to buy a large enough chiller (R6000 - R10000).

    Personally, I believe that real sea water is much better than even the best synthetic salt mixes, BUT then the water must be collected from an unpolluted area. With real sea water you also run the risk of introducing pests & diseases into the tank. Collecting from a cold-water source, as you will be doing, I believe that this risk is minimal, but there is always the chance... I only used natural sea water, collected from Jongensfontein, when I stayed in Riversdale. If you would prefer to entirely eliminate the risks of pests, then use a reputable synthetic sea salt such as Tropic Marine (and stay away from the cheaper South African brands...)

    Good. Read up on the links which Sean has provided, and preferably post here on MASA (beginners forum would be a good place to start) what you are considering to buy - you will get lots of advise and/or comments on your planned purchase. Make sure that you never just buy what a shop wants to sell to you before getting opinions here on MASA.

    that's not a bad size, but if you have the space and the money, I would rather go for a 1.2m x 0.6m x 0.6m tank - wider (say 0.7m) would be even better, but do not go much higher than 0.7m. Make sure that the tank is drilled to allow the use of a sump below the tank - although not mandatory, it will be much better in the long run.

    Enjoy :biggrin:

  5. Evo R

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    8 Dec 2009
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    Anthony im in mbay and my nano is thriving.I use sea water as i havent had any problems yet.

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