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Discussion in 'Anything DIY Related' started by herkie, 2 Jan 2010.

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    I had to do some work on my wife's tank recently and then found starters for 20 watt and smaller tubes are not always easy to find. The other thing that I did not like is paying the same money for a tiny tube's starter as for big tubes. I can understand the cost to build the different size starters must be almost the same but we probably pay en extra on the tube for development and research anyway.

    After thinking this over I thought about the standard household energy savers and the way they start. I still had an dead energy saver with about 4 watt stronger output than the tubes I wanted to use and opened it to see how it works. Well it has a tiny printed circuit inside to start it. I used this and connected it to the small tubes I intended to use on the wife's tank and it fired up at the first try!

    This was about 8 months ago and I modified 6 energy savers to run the tubes for her tank. Well all of them is still working and it they are quite a lot cheaper on top of it.

    I later fitted the little starters inside a PVC pipe to neaten it up and sealed it with some silicone. I will post pics soon.
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    Good thinking Herkie,

    Althought the tubes probably won't last as long as usual would, but if you loose 1 month over 12 who cares, still works out cheeper to do it your way!

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