Started my tank

15 Jul 2015
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Johannesburg South
So i finally started the tank and let it run for 6 weeks.

Did the water tests and all came back great!

i have added 2 clown fish, a snail, a hermet crab and kenya tree.

Still have a lot of brown stuff collecting on the sand but am thinking of getting another hermet to help clean it up.

looking forward to getting into the saltwater tank game

thanks to my friend QuickenZA for all the help and guidance and equipment and fish :peroni:



Welcome to the hobby. :)
Will just keep doing the normal water changes and see if the diatoms finally go.
I wouldn't bother with water changes for the first couple of months, let the tank settle and stabilise for 2 or 3 months, then you can do monthly water changes if you want, plus it saves on the pocket a little bit. ;)
Diatoms is only the start, will still get many different forms of algae.
It is my experience to see my tank and other peoples tanks have alot of algae till around 7-8 months, then all of a sudden it just looks beautifully mature.
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