Start of a looooong Journey.

11 Jun 2009
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So i want to start this expensive :m14: but wonderful hobby and need some input on building my own setup.
Tank size i have decided to go for a 1500 x 600 x 650 (water at 600-625) with euro bracing top and bottom and bean animal overflow.
Will be using 12 mm for the sides and 19 mm bottom the bracing will also be of 12 mm but should i make it 80, 100 or 120 mm wide. Cost from the supplier does not change on any of the 3 sizes. Bear in mind they can only bright polish from 100 mm and up.

Glass size.png

Marine tank.jpg
Lol! Welcome to the hobby, hope it brings you lots of joy!
Please keep posting status updates as you go along, would really love to see the progression. :)
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