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    The BlueNova from StarkLED is an interesting new LED light with built wireless capability and control. StarkLED is a company completely new to the LED game, but feature wise they’ve seem to have hit the nail right on the head. These 10 x 6 x 2 inch fixtures feature three LED arrays with a total of three CREE XM-L Cool White and six XP-E Blue and six Royal Blue LEDs all running at 5 watts. The StarkLED blunova uses 90 degree lenses allowing a 30 by 30 inch coverage for a balance of depth penetration and spread.*

    A built-in controller in the Blunova offers dimming of individual LED’s, sunrises, sunsets, moonlight simulation and thunder simulation. The StarkLED Blunova also comes with a built-in 2.4GHz wireless module, which is compatible with StarkLED Wireless Controller. Although details are lacking on the StarkLED Wireless Controller, we are assuming it will release soon. Check out the StarkLED website here. The fixtures can be ordered through your favorite retailer or stores can order them through Sea Dwelling creatures.

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