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Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by iggy, 28 Mar 2010.

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    Good morning all

    hope you are having a super Sunday..

    so my tank have been running now for almost 3 months just cycling (about 22kg of live rock, dsb, and my protein skimmer. )

    the other day i got nice Indonesian polyp live rock and on one rock there was a bristol starfish.

    question 1: what does the starfish need to survive?

    question 2: will it always be in hiding and only show part of him self?

    question 3: (might sound stupid but know some invertebrates do) one of its legs broke of during the transport process, it is in my tank a still alive (almost 5 days) will it grow into another starfish or will it stay just the one leg?

    included is a pic of my tank ( so far a 1 year project.) and stuff is finally growing.... whoooo hooooo:slayer:
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  3. jacquesb

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    Hi Iggy - some starfish needs to eat algae, others live off phyto- and zoo-plankton in the water column. And other starfish eats meaty foods and rotting plant-material and animal material.....
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