6 May 2007
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Hello - need some help again....

can you pro's give me some info on what size and so on a stand should be - I will be getting a metal shop make it for me...

stand 1 : for a 1480x850x700 so about a ton max.....
my stand is 5mm angle iron. holding about a ton.
Sims you can use Angle Iron like Viper suggested or 40mm square tube with a 2mm wall thickness. Be good for 1 ton.
Thanks guys.... metal guy said 25mm tubing 2mm wall - good thing I checked.... :)
defniatley 40mm.and try to get the highest stand you can get,it makes life much easier to work in the my case i shouldve went for a higher stand,now im battling to get into my sump
I agree with the above - make the stand from at least 40mm x 2mm square tubing, or 50mm x 5mm angle iron. Also, don't forget to add cross bracing to the rear and at least one of the sides.

It would also be a good idea to weld some (say...) 100mm x 100mm x 5mm steel plate to the bottom of the legs to distribute the weight on the floor if the stand will be standing on a wooden or tile floor, or on a carpet.

Realising that is a very old post, i need more info here.
What spacing must be used between top struts that support the tank bottom, assuming 40x40x2mm square tubing? Does anyone have a drawing, schematic layout of a good stand?
My proposed tank is 1500x800x700, i need the stand to extend 300mm each end of the tank.
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