Sri-Lanka Shipment received

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 6 Nov 2015.

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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following healthy looking stock from Sri-Lanka.

    Convict Surgeon @ R139.00ea
    Cream Angel @ R195.00ea
    Emperor Angel (Juv) @ R399.00ea
    Clown Surgeon @ R229.00ea
    Epaulette Surgeon @ R229.00ea
    Powder Blue Surgeon @ R395.00ea
    Matara Wrasse @ R149.00ea
    Yellow Spotted Boxfish @ R195.00ea
    Red Fairy Anthias @ R105.00ea
    Clark's Clownfish @ R98.00ea
    Diagonal Bar Goby @ R139.00ea
    Sand Milk Goby @ R98.00ea
    Cleaner Wrasse @ R98.00ea
    Red Tailed Blenny @ R129.00ea

    Fireshrimps @ R395.00ea

    I hope to see you all this weekend getting hold of some of these specials!!



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