Sri-Lanka Shipment received

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    28 Nov 2011
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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following Fish and Inverts. We have juggled prices to keep them as low as possible as the Rand is effecting prices badly. Check these out!!!

    Juvinile Koran Angel @ R320.00ea
    Juvinile Emporer Angel @ R520.00ea
    Yellow Fin Angel @ R229.00ea
    Blue Fin Angel @ R229.00ea
    Cream Angel @ R229.00ea
    Powder Blue Surgeon @ R495.00ea
    Twin Spot Tang @ R325.00ea
    Yellow Eye Surgeon @ R249.00ea
    Clown Surgeon @ R279.00eaea
    Lipstick Tang @ R349.00ea
    Ebili Surgeon @ R295.00ea
    Matara Wrass @ R169.00ea
    Picture Wrass @ R169.00ea
    Social Fairy Wrass @ R225.00ea
    Cleaner Wrass @ R110.00ea
    Blue Goby @ R195.00ea
    Red Spotted Sand Perch @ R145.00ea
    Diagonal stripe Goby @ R145.00ea
    Tiger Goby @ R265.00ea
    Scorpian Blenny @ R185.00ea
    Red Tail Blenny @ R139.00ea
    Dispar Anthias @ R125.00ea
    Yellow Tail Blue Damsel @ R65.00ea
    Clark's Clownfish @ R125.00ea

    Along with:
    Long Tentacle Anemones @ R395.00ea (large)
    Carpet Anemones @ R395.00ea
    Sea Lillies (Feather Starfish) @ R95.00ea
    Cleaner Shrimps @ R295.00ea
    Anemone Crabs @ R98.00ea
    Boxing Shrimps @ R110.00ea
    Tiger Shrimps @ R175.00ea
    Anemone Shrimps @ R110.00ea

    We've discounted these prices as much as possible so grab some livestock whilst
    stocks last!!

    We've also received a new batch of the Aquamedic Reef Salt buckets (25kg makes 750l of high quality sea water) for the unbelievably low price of R895.00 / bucket or two buckets (50kg) for only R1725.00. You've gotta admit, these prices are very good!!



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